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We believe the hiring process should be human, empowering and fun - not a transaction. Our vision is to enable the most transparent interview practices on the planet and set a new standard for candidate experience.

Driven by our mission, guided by our values.

The Guide Story

We believe organizations and their employees should be equal partners. We spend most of our waking time at work and believe the relationship governing it should benefit both sides equally; employees helping their company grow and flourish as an organization, and companies helping their employees grow and flourish as individuals.

This type of partnership requires transparency, trust and alignment between the company’s mission and values and the employee’s. Above all, we believe this foundation is set during the recruiting process, and that technology can be a profound equalizer in this partnership, helping both sides flourish over the long term.

After spending over 5 years building sourcing software for organizations across the world, my co-founder Austin and I noticed a new challenge facing talent teams: they were no longer struggling to reach candidates with their messaging; they we’re struggling to win them for the job. Job seekers expect to be treated with dignity, care and respect commensurate to the life-changing decision they’re tasked with: which organization should I invest my time in over the coming years? After all, this decision will impact their lives, career trajectory and day-to-day happiness. Do you blame them?

In 2020, Austin and I decided to bet our own lives on solving this problem. In a rising sea of recruiting tools, there was a gap addressing this very human problem. Today, like job seekers themselves, we’re excited about what the future holds and we’re committed to building the right foundation from day 1.

A culture of growth & transparency.

You'll grow a lot here, we're sure of it

We believe in thoughtful feedback & debate, celebrating a change of mind and maximizing transparency to increase context & autonomy. We'll invest in your growth and aim to make Guide your playground for personal exploration, creativity and growth.

Work From Anywhere

We believe work is an act, not a place. You can choose to work from home or a local office or while you travel. Just be sure to share your stories.

Engaging Workdays

Finding the right balance between collaborating, finding time for deep work and never losing the humor is critical to us.

Work-Life Harmony

We're committed to doing work we love with people we trust, so you manage your schedule in harmony with your life. That's the only way we'll go the distance.

Benefits & Perks

Competitive pay & stock, comprehensive health plans, unlimited PTO, top productivity tools, learning & growth budgets & more.

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