Transform your candidate experience.

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    candidate experience.

Stop sending bland, unengaging candidate emails. Meet the candidate engagement platform that helps talent teams deliver personalized candidate experiences at scale to win more hires.

Goodbye chaos, hello unified candidate experience.

Your candidate experience today.

Recruiters communicate with candidates through disjointed, unengaging and time-consuming mediums. Critical updates are missed and candidates are left in the dark, scrambling, and unprepared.

Your candidate experience with Guide.

With Guide, candidate communications are organized in a single unified platform so no update is missed. The result is higher candidate satisfaction and more offers accepted.

A candidate hub designed by you, powered by us.


Showcase the uniqueness of your company’s brand, culture, and values at every candidate interaction - and in between interviews.


Get started with Guide in minutes by using pre-built templates - no engineers or marketers needed.


Guide helps you make every candidate interaction more personal, productive, and likely to end in an accepted offer.

Win more candidates.

Guide unifies your candidate experience and delivers the right information at the right time, leading to fewer unwanted drop-offs and higher conversions at every stage of your recruiting funnel.

Stand out to candidates with a white glove experience

Feel like your “branded” emails to candidates are bland and unengaging? Showcase your unique company culture with a branded, dynamic, personalized webpage for every candidate. You’ll finally stop losing hires to the competition.

Scale and automate interview prep

No more copy-pasting email templates or manually creating 1-pagers. Free up recruiter time by automating manual and tedious tasks and limit the need for 1:1 candidate prep calls. Convert the right candidates faster with everything you (and they) need in one place.

Deliver a fair and consistent experience

Introducing equitable hiring practices has never been easier. Standardize the information every candidate receives, at every stage of their journey. With scalable templates, make every recruiter the best recruiter.

Measure, analyze, and improve candidate experience

Limited or poor candidate feedback? Imagine automated candidate surveys at every interview stage - that actually get completed. Plus, get real-time insights into which candidates are engaged and which are likely to drop-off.

Unify your candidate experience with Guide to save time and win more hires.


53% decrease in unwanted drop-off


17% less time spent on admin tasks


30+ recruiter minutes saved per candidate

Built with your
entire hiring team in mind.

Talent Leaders

Hit your hiring plan faster with scalable and differentiated recruiting workflows.

Talent Operations

Know where to focus your efforts with candidate engagement, feedback, and insights.

Talent Coordinators

Reduce errors and save time with automated candidate interview prep and messaging templates.


Keep the best candidates in your pipeline with dynamic, personalized content at every stage.

Hiring Managers

Hire top talent faster and align on expectations, compensation, and team culture upfront.


Save money and ensure your business efficiently hires the best talent.