Win more candidates.

The modern candidate portal that helps you increase transparency, decrease drop-off and win more hires.

Goodbye drop-off, hello offer accepts.

Eliminate drop-off and transform your offer acceptance rates with a single platform that streamlines, personalizes and scales your candidate experience.

Increase offer accepts


Of candidates are more likely to accept an offer after consistent status updates.

Eliminate drop-off


Of candidates expect to understand your interview process before engaging.

Accelerate time-to-fill


Of candidates say the interview experience impacts their job decision.

* Based on CareerBuilder survey data


Put your best pitch forward.

Guide replicates your best pitch across every department, turning average recruiters into superstars.

Centralized collateral

  • Centralized content library
  • Pre-built templates
  • Full access control

Automated journeys

  • Deep ATS sync
  • Customizable rules & triggers
  • Dynamic content updates


Stand out with every touchpoint.

Guide empowers talent teams to automate and deliver personalized interview collateral at scale - without the marketing or engineering team.

Dynamic templates

  • Role-level personalization
  • Robust content variables
  • Custom confirmation emails

Rich branding

  • Brand & culture kit
  • Videos, images & links
  • Interviewer profiles

Stage-specific guides

  • Sourcing & phone screens
  • Onsite & assessments
  • Offer & benefits


Track engagement in real-time.

View real-time analytics to understand which candidates are engaged and which are likely to drop-off.

Real-time analytics

  • Open tracking
  • Click tracking
  • Activity feed

Candidate Feedback & NPS

  • Stage-specific feedback
  • NPS & cSAT ratings
  • "Escrow" feedback collection

Meet the first
Candidate Experience Platform

Guide unifies your candidate experience and delivers the right information at right time, leading to higher conversions at every stage of your recruiting funnel.

For talent teams
serious about winning

Talent Leaders

Convert more candidates into hires by scaling your candidate experience and shining the light on what's working and what's not during the hiring process.

Talent Operations

Maximize recruiting productivity and ramp new hires faster by standardizing and automating interview collateral, feedback and logistics.

Talent Coordinators

Automate manual tasks like scheduling, calendar invites and time zones, impress candidates with robust prep material and reduce errors in your workflow.

Sourcers & Recruiters

Make every candidate interaction more successful with proactive updates, interview process transparency and robust interview preparation.

Transform your ATS into a Candidate Experience

1. Connect ATS

Guide's Greenhouse integration automatically syncs all open job reqs enabling fast setup and robust automation. All you need is an API key.

2. Map interview stages

Easily map interview stages to Guide templates to trigger the right information to candidates at just the right time. It's as simple as that.

3. Wow your candidates

Deliver each candidate their personalized Guide link with the click of a button, all without leaving Greenhouse. You've never seen candidates this impressed.